Registrations & Admissions

Higher Education Course

Course Description

Application Requirements

Those who satisfy all of the following conditions.
  1. Those who have completed school education for 12 years or equivalent.
  2. Those who have taken Japanese class for 150 hours or more, or those who have the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or higher.
  3. Those who are capable of paying tuition and living expenses.
  4. Those who are permitted to enter the country by legitimate procedures or are expected to be permitted.

Selection Process

  1. Application reviews
  2. Written exam
  3. Interview

Tuition [JPY]

Full tuition fees are expected to be paid in front.
  • Please pay the application fee, admission fee, first-year tuition and other expenses in full by the deadline designated by the school.
  • Please pay the second-year tuition and other expenses in full at the time of second academic year.

Payment Methods

For those who have passed the screening and have received the Certificate of Eligibility, a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility, a Notice of Payment, and a Reason for Remittance will be sent. Please remit the tuition to the bank account by the deadline and send a copy of Application For Remittance With Declaration to our school. After payment of tuition fee is confirmed, we send a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status and a letter of admission. Bank account information
Account Number 3075432

Housing and other fees

If you wish to move in to our accommodation, please pay the accommodation fee together with the tuition fee. Please note that you will not be refunded, should you move out before half a year have passed.
  • The security deposit will be charged for the cleaning expenses of the accommodation at the time of leaving.
  • Our dormitory is equipped with household appliances set and other daily necessities. You can settle immediately after you moved in.
  • A residence needs to pay for electricity, water, and gas.
◇Other expenses◇
  1. It is mandatory to subscribe to National Health Insurance (fee is approx.20,000 yen / year) for diseases and injuries.
  2. An additional 7,000 yen is required for a purchase of blanket (futon).
  3. An additional 1,000 yen is required for a key fee.
  4. If you need an assistance in transit from your layover airport, please consult with our staffs.

About application for Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status

  • Please strictly adhere to the deadline of submission of documents necessary for application.
  • Since the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice conducts the examination for your application, we are not responsible for the results of the examination at our school.

Application documents

Submission on the applicant himself / herself
What to submit Caution
① Application for Admission A document specified by our school Please describe the purpose of learning Japanese concretely and concisely.
② Diploma of last school attended Diploma (Original document) In case you are a university student, please submit a certificate of student status.
③ Academic transcripts Official transcripts from a school most recently attended. (Original document)
④ Certificate of current employment Years of employment and description of works in charge. (Original document)
⑤ Certificate of Japanese language learning (with clearly stated learning period) Certificate stating attendance period, learning time (150 hours or more), or a grade or a certificate of the Japanese language proficiency test. (Original document)
⑥ 8 ID Photos (Height:4 cm x Width:3 cm) All ID photos must be taken within 3 months. Write your name and nationality at the back.
⑦ ID Copy of passport / ID
⑧ Certificate of the Family Register Provide all members of your family. (Original document)
Documents regarding financial sponsor (Must be filled out by financial supporter)
⑨ Financial Support Statement Form Must use a form given by our school
⑩ Document to prove relationship between applicant and financial sponsor. An official document about family relationship authorized by a notary public. (Original document)
⑪ Certificate of Bank Balances Must be latest date (Original document). * Foreign currencies other than Japanese yen are acceptable.
⑫ A photocopy of deposit bank books or documents to clarify deposit formation processes. A photocopy of bank books and/or bank statement records for the past one years from a banking institution to ensure the financial supporter’s account has ever maintained sufficient amount of savings.
⑬ Certificate of Employment Years of employment, job titles, and descriptions must be clearly stated. (Original document)
⑭ Income Statement and Certificate of Income Tax Income Statement and Certificate of Income Tax for the past one years. (Original document)
⑮ Business/operating license A photocopy of business/operating license of the workplace where the financial supporter works.
※ All documents written in foreign languages, excluding English, must be translated into Japanese.